The Mental Health Minute

The Mental Health Minute

“Your Outlet for Advice, Reassurance, and Positivity.”

The Three Pillars of MHM


“Advice is not there to prove you are wrong or that you have a shortcoming. It is there to broaden your mind and help you succeed.”


“Your mental health will take time and effort to improve, but it will improve. Have hope because you are worth the time and the effort”


“The key to your mental health lies in your outlook. Mental illness is the bearer of bad news, but to actively reject it’s power, and to know that you are loved, and have value in this world, is the first step in defeating it.”

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I am going to take the time today to go over what I am currently feeling, and what I usual feel like throughout the day as I share it with anxiety and depression. I will also share some tips and tools that I have learned throughout my life in hopes of giving you a few…

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We are all a part of it. We cannot escape it, and we need to listen to the professionals. Caronavirus SUCKS! And you know what makes it not suck? Not getting it! Guess how you don’t get it: You don’t leave the house, unless absolutely essential.