Understanding the concept of depression, anxiety, and just mental health in general can be really hard, even when you have it. I catch myself all the time wondering why I get depressed when I have so much going for me, or why random panic attacks happen when literally nothing is wrong.

To an outsider looking in, this concept and health problem is absolutely foreign. How do you explain to someone that you are sad after you just won the soccer game. How do you explain to someone that you’re worried, and when they ask, “About what?” you say, “I don’t know.”

We are constantly trying to figure out what and why and how these things happen that we are actually taking away time that we can really be using to learn, to overcome, and to understand and defeat our mental illness, or to better understand our spouse’s, our friend’s, or our family member’s illness as well.

Being proactive when it comes to having mental illness is the single most important thing you can do to help fight it. We fear things we don’t understand, and therefore we let these thing control us, scare us, and manipulated ur day to day lives. You need to learn about your mental illness. You need to find out what works and what doesn’t. Of course, we have doctors and therapists and other assets to help us do this. But when it comes down to finding the sure fire way of getting us to feel better, no one knows us better than ourselves.

If you are a loved one looking in on the situation, unconditional encouragement is a must when you see them suffering. Positive affirmations, gifts of encouragement, and love are vital. We can’t go through this without you. Trust me. Even when we say nothings wrong or refuse to talk to you or shut you out, we are still listening. We will hear what you have to say, and whether it’s just for a second or for the rest of our lives, what you say and do will resonate in some way. Don’t not do or say something that can positively impact our lives, day, even moment. It’s worth it.

And to all of you who are reading this who are going through some form of mental illness, let these people help you. You cannot fight this alone. I know I said no one knows you better than yourself, and you can ultimately change your way of life, but this is a part of that concept. You choose who to let in. You choose who to listen to. You choose whether to listen to their positive thoughts and words or your own negative ones. But the negative ones will only bring you down, and they are not the true thoughts of your brain and heart.

They are there to hurt you, to bring you down, and not let you up. If you are constantly down, then I promise you one positive change, word, even gesture can bring you up, even if it’s just an inch. The great quote, “knocked down seven, get up eight,” is true. We will get knocked down, but we have the power to stand up again. And standing up can be assisted. You never see a football player or a basketball player get knocked to the ground, only to stand up on his/her own power. We have our teammates, we have our coaches, we have our friends and family members to help us back up.

Don’t face this alone. Don’t let it win. Don’t let it bring you down. You are stronger than it. You have heart. You have tenacity, you have the will to see your happiness through. These words are for you. Now go get your life back. You deserve it!

Published by thementalhealthminute

The Mental Health Minute was started as a way for individuals to come together and talk about their own mental health struggles, as well as seek advise from others on how to deal with these areas of their life.

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