Online therapy could fill the void in mental health care

Online therapy has become more and more useful to those who are suffering from various mental health illnesses across the globe. Thanks to a study done by the University of Toronto, Scarborough, there is a new therapy being utilized by patients with recurrent depression symptoms, and this additional care is providing an additional way to receive vital health care therapy.

The new form of therapy is called Mindful Mood Balancing(To learn more, please visit The Mindful Noggin, whose founder was the co developer of this method).

This online therapy is actually a new form of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT). What this does is help those who are dealing with mental health illnesses learn to cope and better understand their triggers and stresses, while in the absence of their mental health professional, in order to build their self confidence and resistance. With this new training style in place, patients are told to observe rather than react to their moments of panic and stress.

With the additional time on our hands during the world wide lock down due to COVID19, this is a perfect time to practice. With this form of meditation in place, one will have the ability to focus on their reaction, dissect the emotions that are rushing through their head, and think about how best to relieve and tone down these feelings. After repetition and time, patients will have another tool to utilize once their treatment has ended.

MBCT has been shown to actually be just as effective as antidepressants in this sense, but the problem that doctors and therapists are facing is the lack of physical interaction they have with the public, especially those living farther away. What this new form of treatment does is bridge the gap in reaching those people.

This form of treatment was put to the test in a clinical trial done at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, and the results, published by JAMA Psychiatry, led to greater reductions in depression and anxiety, greater quality of life levels, and higher levels of remission in their mental health status’.

Utilizing both this online version of cognitive therapy, as well as antidepressants and counseling, is an amazing opportunity for all mental health patients because it is accessible anytime, anywhere. But this goes without saying that patients need to maintain consistency with their healthcare providers, see their mental health specialists, and continue use of their medication, if they are taking any. This is not the “cure all” method of dealing with mental illnesses, but should be one on your tool belt.

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