I know it sucks, but STAY HOME!

Seriously guys. This shouldn’t even be a thing, but it is, and its ridiculous!

We are all a part of it. We cannot escape it, and we need to listen to the professionals. Caronavirus SUCKS! And you know what makes it not suck? Not getting it! Guess how you don’t get it: You don’t leave the house, unless absolutely essential.

COVID-19 has put a huge question mark, followed by an exclamation mark, on 2020, and maybe even 2021. Our entire lives have changed, and they will remain this way for a while, so buckle up. This isn’t something that will just go away with time. It will go away with time, AND EFFORT. We all need to do our part. We have hospital workers doing everything they can to help stop this virus, from working endless hours, to having to take this stress home with them, and deal with it before going back for more. And they do this to protect us!

So show a little respect. The fact that some people are still choosing to live their normal lives, protest in the streets, and spread coronavirus without any thought to who it might negatively affect, maybe even infect? Shame on you.

Now, I am going to say this. I get it. All of my family live in other states here in the US, and the people I do interact with are my coworkers. Other than that, I’m at home, working on getting my degree, binge watching “Parks & Rec,” and thinking about when this is going to end.

But does it really help to try and go against the grain and live the way I did prior to this? Absolutely not. And so I listened, and I made the adult decision to do my part, and stay home.

For those of you reading this and saying that you have the right to go outside and do what you want, I agree with you 1,000 percent. You do, and there is nothing saying you can’t exercise that right, aside from the obvious laws in place saying to not go outside, and to not get within six feet of another person if you can help it, and so on.

So besides that, go for it. But really take a second and think, just because you have that right, should you exercise it in every scenario presented to you? If it was for the safety, security, and benefit of everyone else in the world for you not to exercise that right just for a brief period in time, would you do it(or not do it) in this case?

If, after this little pep talk/moral compass speech, you still think that you should do your own thing, well there’s no point in you even reading this in the first place. You don’t care.

Those of you who are reading this, and who are following the regulations and laws in place that wish to protect us and help the world get back on its feet, thank you. Seriously, it means the world to the healthcare professionals, governments, businesses, teachers, families suffering from loss of jobs, sickness, and stress. We are all in this together, and the sooner we jump on, and stay on board with this, the sooner things will begin to change for the better. You guys are awesome. Thank you to those who have subscribed to this blog, and those reading this and agreeing with what I am trying to say.

I wish you all the best. Stay safe, stay healthy, and STAY HOME!:)

Published by thementalhealthminute

The Mental Health Minute was started as a way for individuals to come together and talk about their own mental health struggles, as well as seek advise from others on how to deal with these areas of their life.

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