I know it sucks, but STAY HOME!

We are all a part of it. We cannot escape it, and we need to listen to the professionals. Caronavirus SUCKS! And you know what makes it not suck? Not getting it! Guess how you don’t get it: You don’t leave the house, unless absolutely essential.

Loneliness or Alone?

“I feel so lonely.” At some point in our lives, I think we have all found ourselves saying or thinking this. I mean, I found myself thinking this for long periods of time, and was always mad because I couldn’t figure out why I was lonely in the first place. Like why do I feelContinue reading “Loneliness or Alone?”

Why The Mental Health Minute

The Mental Health Minute was started with a hope to bring people of like minds and also mental shortcomings or illnesses (I don’t like to say problems). What I envisioned when this began were people sharing their stories, starting discussions, and posting professional articles and studies as a way for people to get advise andContinue reading “Why The Mental Health Minute”

My Life With Mental Illness

“I am strong because I’ve been weak.” To start things off, I have always struggled with my mental health. As far back as I can remember, it was always a part of me. From little episodes of panic and sadness, crying myself to sleep for no reason at all, and having moments where I pauseContinue reading “My Life With Mental Illness”