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Survey: 35% say “at home” work has harmed mental health

The recent months have caused drastic changes among the majority of citizens. With COVID19 running rampant throughout our world, it leaves many to wonder when the quarantine will end, and many more wondering when they can return to their normal work schedules.

Online therapy could fill the void in mental health care

Online therapy has become more and more useful to those who are suffering from various mental health illnesses across the globe. Thanks to a study done by the University of Toronto, Scarborough, there is a new therapy being utilized by patients with recurrent depression symptoms, and this additional care is providing an additional way to…

Depression Explained

An inside look at what makes depression DEPRESSION, and a personal story on my own battle with depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Mind & Muscle

Scientific research has proven that exercising has numerous mental health benefits. But what’s the science behind it?

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